2.09 steps of selling process

Jose Rodriguez

Approach Customer

This is where you will talk to the prospective customer, and depending on how effective your approach is, the customer will either think of you as bothersome or valuable.


Determine Needs

Once you have a customer looking at a product, you must begin questioning them to find out what they need or want.


Present the product

If you consider your product/service in terms of how it benefits the customer, your presentation will be a focused and relevant dialogue rather than a self aggrandizing monologue.


Overcome objections

Stay positive and don't get discouraged or frustrated. If you stay positive then the customer will stay positive.


Close the Sale

Eighty percent of sales are lost because a salesperson fails to close. Closing is about advancing the sales process to ultimately get an order.


Suggestion Selling

A sales technique where the employee asks the customer if they would like to include an additional purchase or recommends a product which might suit the client best.


Build Relationships

If you make a successful sale, don't stop there! That's your cue to build and continue your relationship with the customer. Which will lead to them telling others about how great you and your products are! Which may possibly lead to new customers!