St. Matthew School

October 2020 Newsletter

Living the dream!

St. Matthew has been blessed in so many ways. We got our school year off during a pandemic, our students are scoring well on their tests, our parents and teachers have come together during conferences to celebrate and work together to educate our children, we have a new church opening up on Nov. 4, we have great families in and out of Bellevue supporting our school, and our teachers are the best and most dedicated ones around.

Recently we got news that our Middle School was voted "Best in Sarpy County" in the People's Choice Awards! What a deserving award to acknowledge what our middle school teachers do to prepare each child for the future by reaching each child right where they are. Our students are some of the most welcoming and hard-working kids out there. A well-deserved award for such a great group of people. Keep up the great work!

Angie Palmer


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STAR test results

In early September, St. Matthew students, along with the rest of the Archdiocese, took their first STAR assessment of the year.

STAR assessments are short tests that provide teachers with learning data in the areas of early literacy (K-1), math (1-8), and reading (2-8).

Teachers use the data they get from STAR Assessments to learn what students already know and what they are ready to learn next, to monitor student growth, and to determine which students may need additional help.

Below are charts comparing St. Matthew's Percentile Rank (PR) results in Reading and Math to those of the Archdiocese. There are many things to be proud of in the charts. Remember this is just a snapshot of one day in time. We use this information as a guide and will be monitoring progress throughout the year!

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Class spotlight- 2nd grade- Mrs. Gahl

Student of the Month

Showing her Cardinal Pride, Bella Garcia was chosen as the October Student of the Month. Bella was our translator for our video call with our sister school in Guatemala. Her responsibility and respect doesn't stop there. She's a wonderful role model for our community as she works very hard in class, shows the face of Christ to others by being kind to everyone. Congrats, Bella! We are proud of you!
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Sister School Guatemala

Zoom call

Our 5th graders got the privilege to meet some of the students from our sister school in Colotenango, Guatemala. Their Principal, Sr. Lorena, helped coordinate getting some of her students to school so they could Zoom with our students. Currently the students at Santa Maria of the Assumption were learning remotely due to COVID, but made the special trip to school to learn about our school. We learned that we have many things in common- like to play sports, similar classes, wear uniforms, and play outside for fun. We love learning about our brothers and sisters in Christ and building a relationship!
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Parent volunteers

Again, our parents came to the rescue! Volunteers supervised the lunchroom for the week, giving our teachers a little extra break! PTO even brought in chili for lunch for the teachers. We are so blessed!

Middle Schoolers help pick up trash on 36th Street!

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It's That Time of Year!