Aluminum (Al)

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History of Aluminum

Aluminum was first discovered in 1825 by Friedrich Wohler. He discovered aluminum (also known as Al) in Denmark. Wohler created the nodules by pouring molten aluminum into a bucket of water.

Properties of Aluminum

The atomic mass of aluminum is 27 and an atomic radius of 118 pm (picometers). Aluminum is a solid at room temperature but at 660.32ºC aluminum will melt and at 2519ºC it is at it's boiling point. People would describe aluminum as silvery, gray and metallic. With a conductivity of 205 W/m k and hardness of
Interesting facts about aluminium

Applications and uses

Aluminum is most commonly found in earth's crust. It it the third most ample element in earth's crust behind oxygen and silicon. You may also know that there is aluminum foil which people use to wrap up foods when they store them.

Aluminum has a naturally occurring isotope with a mass number of 27 which is also aluminum's atomic mass.

The two most common and important compounds that aluminum forms are potassium aluminum sulfate and aluminum oxide.

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Aluminum Information

Aluminum has an atomic number of 13 and a mass number of 27. With 13 protons and electrons aluminum also has 14 neutrons.

You can find aluminum on the periodic table on the right side in the third row and its the last one on the left you'll see Al and underneath the letters Al it will say Aluminum.

Fun Facts

Aluminum was a metal found in alum which is how aluminum got it's name because alum in the origin of aluminum.

Aluminum is also the third most abundant element on earth other than silicon and oxygen. Aluminum is also the most common metal found naturally on earth.

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