Zach The Hero

The Beginning :]

A boy named Zach suffers from schizophrenia and needs his medicine by a certain time or bad thing will happen but when the coffee shop he's in gets robbed he's held as a hostage in a life or death situation.

Zach Personality ;)

Zach is talkative like in the beginning of the book he would not shut up. Emotionless because of his disorder lastly Zach is brave because he's gotten throw life so far and trust me when i say that hard for someone with an disorder to go throw out life.

Motivation :P

Zach motivation i think is Dr.Curt helping threw all of his tough situations in life and helping more understand his disease. His mom she helps him at home with his medicine and helps calm him down when hes scared. Lastly maple bars because the first basically sentence is about Zach wanting maple bars.

Theme: Things Can Always Get Better :)

One reason i believe this to be the theme of the book is because if Zach would have pulled the trigger on his gun he would have never met Joey and Alan, wouldn't have faced Dirtbag and Rat, And would have never gotten his maple bars.

Teens Can Relate To This Book :D

This book is a good relate able book. If any kids are having a hard time at school because there different or a hard time facing there fears they can look and see how brave Zach was even at the peek of giving up he never did.