Florida Swamp Ecosystem Project

By:Victoria Aguiar & Raquel King

Swamp Facts

  1. About 100 species of trees, shrubs, and woody vines are commonly found.
  2. River swamps most diverse and productive.
  3. Swamps do not smell like rotting bodies like Hollywood portrays. In fact, they do not have any smell at all.

Abiotic and biotic

Abiotic-Water, mud, logs, light, rocks.

Biotic-Alligator, barred owl, bobcat, black bear, american elm, black willow, vines, cyprus, moss, snails.

Water: Florida's Lifeblood

Swamps make up most of Florida.Without water, Florida would dry up.The animals, insects, and plants would die, due to lack of water.
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Human impact

Humans visit swamps to search for animals

Positive-Research, protect endangered animals, and collect trash.

Negative-Littering, cut down trees, and using chemical fertilizer.

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Class: Reptilia



Genus: Alligator

Domain: Eukarya
Species: A. mississippiensis