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Eastside Elementary Improvement Plan

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Data Sets:

  • High Reliability Schools (Survey Results)
  • Parent Advisory Council
  • Every Student Succeeds ACT (2018-2019 ESSA Scores)
  • ACT Aspire Data
  • Panther Student Voice team exit interviews/surveys
  • Community Meeting


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Our work around the PLC process continues to be the cornerstone for our success with students. In May, we had visitors from the state of California to observe our PLC process. In turn those school boards from California went back and implemented the PLC framework in their districts. We continue to be sought out by the state, nation, and Solution Tree to assist other schools in understanding the process and have you can have success. We have gone from helping students just on our campus to making an impact in the lives of students we will never meet!
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At Eastside, our instructional model is laser focused around strategies that have been proven and research supports their use in the classroom. teachers use this Hattie and Marzano crosswalk that allow them to have access to articles, examples, and tools to teach these highly effective strategies in their classroom.
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The Panther Student Voice team has evolved even more from three years ago. They have developed student commitments and their next step is to create a student conflict resolution tool. Ms. Edwards visited the middle school recently and met with the former Panther Student Voice team and conducted exit interviews. The purpose of the meeting was to determine if we prepared them for GMS and what we need to improve on. Their feedback was detailed including that they were prepared academically, technology exposure, learning how to be responsible and how to make friends. When asked how we could prepare students better for middle school, they wanted more time given to teach students how to take notes.

Strengths found in Data Disaggregation


  • Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade -Foundational Skills & Vocabulary Development
  • 3rd grade - Production of Writing
  • 4th and 5th grade - Key ideas and details


  • Kindergarten and 1st grade - Measurement and data
  • 2nd grade - Geometry
  • 3rd grade - Integrating Essential skills
  • 4th grade Number and Operations Base ten
  • 5th grade - Justification and Explanation

Areas for Growth


Kindergarten and 1st grade: Language and writing

2nd grade: Literature

3rd and 4th grade: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

5th grade: Craft and Structure


Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grade- Operations and Algebraic Thinking

3rd grade Number and Operations Base ten

What does our Community value?

Parents know that their child's teachers collect data and discuss their child's performance on assessments. Parents and community input shows a dedication to student learning, safety, and a welcoming environment as a strength. Community members shared strengths about the amount of community events and outreach for students in need. Community members and parents are eager to partner with us and be back in the building again! The garden and Blessing Box have been a huge hit over the summer. We are in the works to start up our fall garden soon. We have already had some great partnerships and look forward to this continuing this school year.
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Goal 1: By May 2023, Eastside will increase the number of students reading on grade level in each grade K-5 by 10% as informed by MAP/Aspire results, the PAST assessment, and other curriculum-based measures (Acadience/CFAs) through the incorporation of the following strategies: Science of Reading, Hattie, and Marzano.

Goal 2: By May 2023, Eastside will increase the number of students achieving grade level math each grade K-5 by 10% as measured by MAP/Aspire results and other curriculum-based measures (CFAs) through the incorporation of the following strategies: Science of Reading, Hattie, Marzano, and the Mathematical Practices.

Goal 3: In order to improve the overall well-being of our students and staff at Eastside, we will implement child nutrition improvements with additional healthy food choices, take social and emotional learning to scale through Character Strong, and support the health of educators through a focus on heart health.

Keys to Success

  • Continued implementation of Science of Reading
  • Focus on development of math units for K-5 and professional development opportunities in mathematics
  • Continue to explore more avenues for Parental and Community Involvement through our Parental Advisory Committee
  • Using our PBIS team, we will focus on behavior needs and positive supports to put in place in all classrooms
  • Continue to use the SIT team and the Guiding Coalition to the effectiveness of our teaching model with Marzano and Hattie as well as interventions/extensions
  • Continue to use data to make sound decisions for students that are new to Eastside this year
  • Continue utilizing Character Strong to meet the SEL needs of students and staff
  • Gather data from the Panther Student Voice team to increase the effectiveness of our school as well as their development of a student conflict resolution tool
  • Highlight sections of the Covey text, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to make staff more productive and effective in their work and daily life
  • New Kids on the Block support for all new teachers to our district
  • Laser focused on our Celebrations, big and small

Science of Reading

Mrs. Barnett has become a Trainer of Trainers in the Science of Reading. She revisited Science of Reading with our teachers this summer and this was very beneficial. Science of Reading is becoming evident throughout the building. It is no longer isolated in literacy classrooms. Walking through classrooms, you would see evidence of root walls and intentional vocabulary instruction such as the Frayer model and the Wagon Wheel. Teachers are capitalizing on instruction that speaks to the Science of Reading. Sound walls are being used daily by teachers and students. Great attention is being given to Phonological Awareness. We are using the 95% group Phonological Awareness intervention and 95% group Comprehension interventions with our students receiving Tier 3 interventions. Several teachers in 4th and 5th grade are trained in Structures This is a program that compliments our Phonics First to incorporate morphology into grades 3-5 Word Study. Writing Revolution and Empowering Writers are two programs assisting teachers in lesson planning for writing.

We conducted a survey to all teachers to determine their level of comfort with the Science of Reading. We will be using these results to support them this year. While observing classrooms, we will be using the Science of Reading Look Fors document. During these observations we will provide feedback to K-5 and sped teachers on their implementation of Science of Reading. This will help our staff to become proficient in the Science of Reading.

Character Strong Social & Emotional Curriculum

Eastside will continue to implement Character Strong in the classrooms twice weekly. Mrs. Hogg is providing these lessons for them. We revisited this excellent resource this summer with staff and they tried out some of the lessons themselves. Mrs. Hogg also uses these lessons in her counseling classes. Students are beginning to make the transfer of this learning over into how they interact with others and how they think of themselves.