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Abbey Ambrosius

Attack on TV

On Thursday April 9th, the French TV network, TV5Monde has confirmed that they regained most of their network connections after a horrific cyber attack. The attack shut down 11 of their broadcasted channels, along with all of their social media sites. There are still a few channels that they didn't get back yet as of April, 14, but TV5Monde keeps working toward fixing this problem and never letting it happen again. They are going to make 500 jobs to help prevent cyber attacks in the future.

Are young drivers safe?

On Sunday Aprl 12, Jenna Ambrosius of Suamico, Wisconsin rammed her car into the back of a middle aged lady's car. Being a young driver, 16 year old Ambrosius was inattentive to her surroundings. The lady quickly slammed on her brakes in attempts to turn into a flower shop. Ambrosius was caught by surprise and hit the back of the lady's car. There was little damage, only a bent fender and some scratched paint. There were no injuries and everyone survived.

Donate a Life

Saturday April 12th, Bay View Middle School will be hosting the third annual Donate Life Walk. Donate Life is a walk to help raise money and awareness for people who need organ transplants. The walk started back in 2013 when Gail Burant, a student council advisor at Bay View decided she wanted to help. The cause is very near and dear to her heart. As a infant, Burant's son was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. Through the struggles she faced, she realized she's not the only one. It was time for her to give back to the community.

The walk is a 2.5 mile walk that starts at 9:00 am at the back doors of Bay View Middle School. It costs $10 to register. There will be Zumba, a silent auction, food, beverages and much more! Bay View Student Council has a goal of raising $10,000 dollars and awareness. They hope to see you there supporting the cause!