Term 3 - Week 7

Snapshot of 21st Century Learning


Both Christine Fraser and Sharon Tooney have created more exemplary English units.

Sharon - Anne of Green Gables and Sebastian Lives In A Hat. She has also shared her matrix.

Chris - Rowan of Rin - all chapters, There's A Sea In My Bedroom , Princess Smartypants and The Lost Thing .

A new Authors section now exists. Currently it is a small collection, with book trailers and You Tubes to be added later.

Rhyme Zone Dictionary - Find rhyming words.

New Web 2.0 Tools to create comics - Marvel Comics, Comic Master, Bit Srips

New Curriculum Units

Western Australia has developed an interesting site, with units and resources

A reminder to revisit the Woodlands Hub in WA, as they continue to develop units.

Also the QLD Catholic Curriculum Place.


Maths has received a "makeover" with lots of new, engaging, student activities and resources.

Engaging lesson starter ideas plus lots of new Maths sites/resources

Web 2.0 Tools

Comic Master - Enable students to create their own comic or graphic novel.

PiZap - Free online phot editor and collage maker.

iPads and Apps

Augmented Reality - Find out what it is and how to use it in your classroom - nifty ideas. This section has also had a "makeover" making it more user friendly.

Infographic on iPad As The Teacher's Pet, which may answer one of your "how do I do?" iPad questions.


If you are looking for Energy, Living Things, Matter, Chemical Change, Magnets, Eating Out, Machines resources visit the link.

Plus there are lots of great student Science experiments plus here.

A few additional resources have been added to Earth-Weather-Space-Landform unit.

Cross Curriculum

Sustainability - Videos and sites have been added.

Aboriginal Studies - A History and Remembrance unit created by Joanne Villis

Free Play Music - Located in the Creative Commons section of the website

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