April Showers

Is It Spring?!?!?

Even though the outside weather does not feel like Spring, our first Spring week was a success! We have continued to work on replacing final and beginning consonants in phonemic awareness. The kids are getting really good at sounding out small words and creating new ones! We have practiced writing our lowercase letters d and g. In math we worked on pattern block puzzles and played the fun game "Where, oh where has my little dog gone?". The kids loved using position words to describe hiding places. We were busy with art this week as well. We created rainbow clouds to brighten up our room, and also did portraits of a friend. The kids had a blast getting to be an artist!

Next Week

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

-Medial Vowels

-Long Vowels

-Word Pairs

-Linking Sounds



-Child Patterns

-Exploration of Capacity

-Creating Shapes with Playdoh


-Coffee Filter Butterflies

-Easter Pom Pom Craft

-Finger Painting

Handwriting Without Tears

-Lowercase u

-Lowercase i

Look What We Did


-Spring Break is April 3- April 10

-Remember Pre-K graduation is May 21 at 4:00 in the auditorium at Carmel Middle School