Inigo Jones

By: Tim Spencer


  • July 15 1573 in London, United kingdom

  • Traveled very much to Italy, Venice, Vincena, Denmark, France in 1609. Mostly spent his time in Italy but did travel the continent from 1613-1614 and in 1596-1597 and in 1605.

  • Not much is known about his education but Andrea Palladio had a big affect on him because of his Theories and designs, he later studied his works. Also worked for the king of Denmark. He was appointed surveyor of the king’s work in 1615 by James I. Held this position under Charles I in 1642 until the outbreak in the civil war.

  • He mostly traveled the country throughout his life. Andrea Palladio had a huge impact on his life where he studied off of his theories.He introduced the italian renaissance to england and was the most talented native artist throughout the first 17th century.

  • Queens house in Greenwich, for Queen Anne in 1616 Stopped in 1619 at her death but resumed in 1630. Banqueting house at white wall 1619-1622. Queens chapel, Marlborough gate, completed in 1627.

  • Andrea Palladio had a huge impact on Inigo's work.


  • The name of the work is the Queen's house
  • It was between 1616 and was stopped due to the Queen's death in 1919. Later the project was resumed in 1630 and finished in 1638.
  • You can actually go to the Queen’s house today, it is now a museum located at Romney Rd, Greenwich London, United Kingdom

  • The building has a symmetrical plan for a classical detail, all elements that reflected Italian Renaissance sources and constituted an architectural revelation to the English.

  • This piece interests me because of it’s intricate design. Also on how different it was from all other architectures there were during this time, which is the he was the most popular artist of the 17th century.

  • Perspectivism- He would mostly draw and create buildings he would later create because he was an architect.

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