The Nepal Earthquakes

The Big Question

How are other people and countries helping the cause of the Nepal earthquakes.

Death toll

With the two earthquakes a total of 8,583 people died. With that many people dead it became Nepals biggest natural disaster. There were over 400 people missing according to CNN and out of those 400 around 60 are americans and two of which are dead.

How are other countries helping the cause

From the resources I read there only seemed to be two countries doing a lot to help Nepal, and those two countries are Sweden and the United states. Sweeden is raising money for schools and other public buildings, which I think is a big help because the kids in Nepal need the schooling. The United states is providing food and shelter and medical supplies. They are bringing tents water and potatoes. It's hard for them to bring medical supplies because they are limited.

Other Questions

I wanted to ask a few more questions and they were how much money will it cost to rebuild Nepal. The answer I got to that was 10billion dollars. And another question I asked was how long will it take to rebuild. After a lot of searching I didn't find anything.