Save Brushy Creek Trail

By: Ethan Huang

The Problem

The Brushy Creek Trail and the animals that live there are in danger, the LCRA is planning to put 140 ft tall towers in the place of the forest.

Pictures of Brushy Creek

Other Info

The only way to prevent the LCRA is to write letters which are due on February 1, 2016. Also the power lines are going to be built in the year of 2019. There will be 10 towers along the trail. The length of the Brushy Creek Trail is equal to 6.75 miles, which is equal to 106,915 4 inch whiteboard erasers. 1320000 square feet of vegetation will be cleared out. The height of the towers is 140 feet which is 23 the same average men and a toddler.


To make the towers they must clear 2.5 miles which is the same as 13,200 feet, and 4.02336 kilometers.

The start of the towers are only 2.50 miles away from my house

Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour