The Colony of New Hampshire

By: Nick Castanho

New Hampshire's very cold region

New Hampshire was one of the Northern Colonies. It was just about the most Northern colony. New Hampshire was very cold in the Winters and had mild Summers. The land was mountainous and hilly, lots of trees too. The land was good for farming.

Founder of New Hampshire, and why it was founded.

New Hampshire was a planned colony, the land was granted to Captain John Mason. He sent colonists to make a colony for fishing. John Mason lived in Hampshire County, England. New Hampshire was founded in 1623, was later significant for religious freedom and fertile farming land.

Map of the colony

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Colonial Conflicts

New Hampshire had seen major attacks on it's communities like in King William's war, Dummer's war, and King George's war. They also had conflicts with England, they wanted to reserve the best tree's for ship masts. Originally the border between New Hampshire and Mass. Bay colony to the South lied on the Merrimack river, but Mass. claimed the border was in fact 3 miles North of there. This was brought to King George II and he decided to make the border what it is now.

People in the Colony

The population of New Hampshire in 1720 was about 9,400. The typical person was a white merchant, farmer, fisherman, anyone with a proffession (mainly whites, very little slaves in New England).


New Hampshire's economy was famous for fishing, ship building, export of rum and furs. New Hampshire also farmed potatoes. There were 158 slaves in New Hampshire in 1790.

Forms of Government

New Hampshire's form of government pre-revolution was a Royal colony under a Royal charter. The form of government post-revolution is a self government, their independence.

New Hampshire's Role in the American Revolution and the Constitution

In 1774 Paul Revere rode in with warnings about crisis in the South. John Sullivan, a man from New Hampshire was elected to serve in the Second Continental Congress. There were no actually battles or fighting that went on inside New Hampshire. New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the Constitution. They were the ones who established that the Constitution would be the law of the land.

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A Interesting fact

New Hampshire was the first to declare their independence from England, 6 months before The Declaration of Independence was signed.

Presidents from New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce is the only president from New Hampshire, he was the 14th president. Franklin was a democrat.


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