Prescribed Opioids

Good or Bad?

The Opium Poppy

Opioids have been in use for thousands of years as a means of pain relief. The most common use for prescribed opioids in the clinical sense is acute pain suffering by patients after surgery. Opioids can be traced back as far as 3400 B.C.when the opium poppy was discovered in Mesopotamia, and from that, Morphine was created by a German chemist around the early 1800’s.


Sometimes described as “Opioid use disorder”, Opioid dependence are the clinical conditions that distinguish the addicts of prescribed opioids. Users of this drug may experience withdrawal if they, all of the sudden, stop using the drug, which they may then experience the desire to obtain or use the drug. Opioid use disorder resulted in about 51,000 deaths in 2013. This drug in no joke, users say may think it won't do anything drastic to them, but they are terribly wrong.