Upper Dublin in Review...

Legislative Meeting Briefs - July 2019

President's Welcome and Reports to the Board of School Directors

  • President's Welcome - Dr. Levinowitz called the meeting to order and acknowledged Dr. Kim's contributions and service to the Board of School Directors.
  • Superintendent's Report - Dr. Yanni thanked Dr. Kim for his service to the Board of School Directors and presented his monthly Superintendent's Report. Please click here to read Dr. Yanni's full report.


  • Arif Fazil (D'Huy Engineering) reviewed the construction alternates with the Board of School Directors. Please click here for the full presentation.

Community Input

The first community input period is limited to presentation and action items only. The following topics were mentioned during Community Input:

  • Planetarium
  • SRMS project budget
  • SRMS project permitting fees and escrow account
  • Contingency funds
  • Roadway improvements for SRMS project
  • SRMS project specifications (collaboration spaces, turf field, terrazzo flooring)


Mr. Lechman, Board Secretary, announced the receipt of Dr. Kim's resignation letter. Dr. Levinowitz announced that the Board will look to fill the vacancy on the Board and will announce who will fill the seat at the August 26, 2019 Legislative Meeting.

Education Committee (Curriculum, Technology, and Pupil Services) Recommendations

  • Curriculum - The Board approved the following actions: purchase of text books and digital resource subscriptions, student activities, and professional conferences.
  • Pupil Services - The Board approved purchase of materials for Read 180 and Math 180 and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Upper Dublin Police Department. The Board also approved five confidential educational agreements.

Operations Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the disposal of excess, obsolete, and non-repairable equipment.
  • Other Approvals - The Board also approved a change order for the FWES window project, SRMS construction RFPs and project bids, PlanCon Part F Attachment C (Post Bid Open Certification) and PlanCon Part G completion. The Board also approved the fiber optic cable relocation at SRMS, contract with Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects for Bidding/Construction Phase of the SRMS project, purchase of vans, and sale of vans using Municibid.

Finance Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved routines matters such as the review of the treasurer's report and payments of bills.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved fund depositories, an agreement with Montgomery County Intermediate Unit for food service, several cooperative purchasing agreements and facility use rates for the 2019-2020 school year.

Personnel Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the personnel report, inclusive of appointments, resignations, leaves of absences, and changes of status.
  • Other Matters - The Board approved the Home School Coordinator for the the 2019-2020 school year.

Policy Committee Recommendations

Policy and Administrative Regulations Approvals - The Board approved the following:
  • Employment Contract/Board Resolution (308) - Policy
  • Uncompensated Leave (339) - Policy and Administrative Regulation
  • Crowdfunding (355) - Policy and Administrative Regulation
  • Conflicts of Interest (360) - Policy and Administrative Regulations
  • Sanitation Management (703) - Policy
  • Several second repeals of employee policies that will be combined into the 300s.

In Other Business...

  • The Board approved the appointment of Board Treasurer.
  • Liaison Committee Reports - Board members provided reports on upcoming meetings.
  • Solicitor's Report - Mr. Roos provided the Sunshine announcement.

Community Input and Follow-Up Comments

The following topics were discussed by meeting attendees during the second community input period:

  • Planetarium
  • Roadway improvement costs
  • Permit costs
  • Curriculum
  • SRMS project budget
  • Turf Field
  • Tax rates
  • Religious and cultural displays in classrooms

Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings and District events are included on our calendar. Click here to view the District calendar.