Multi-Cultural Inquiry

Collin O'Hearn

Culture: Define Culture

-The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

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Culture: What is culture in your own words?

Culture is the one thing that sets everyone apart from eachother and makes us unique. Culture is what you believe in and where you come from. Culture is the one thing that can't be taken away from you.

Culture: What goes into and makes up a culture?

Culture is made up of a group of people that all believe in one common thing and come from a common place. Culture is made up by your geographic location, the color of your skin,and the language you speak, what you eat, how you dress, and what you believe in.

Culture: What are examples of enduring questions and conflicts that cultures have struggled with in the past that remain relevant today?

Racism- the idea of one race being greater than another has been a conflict as long as man has been on the earth and will not ever stop, it puts one persons life as more valuable than another based on culture or skin color.

Acceptance- Many people refuse to accept the culture of others and try to change or punish them for what they do and what they believe in, it is a growing problem that has lasted for centuries. With the changing world many cultures are trying to change with it but this a hard task and can often lead to the end of smaller cultures.

Change- Most cultures are being forced to change and people are pushing for many older cultures to move forward into the new era of technology. Although many people believe it is the right thing to do it is not our say in what another person let alone a culture does and how they live their lives.

Culture Reasearch: Irish Culture

The Irish culture is an ever growing culture that is widespread all throughout the world.

Culture Resaerch: 4 Physical characteristics of Irish culture.

Language- Irish cultures speak the native language of Irish Gaelic and or English, most speak typical english but people that live in Ireland usually speak both.

Growth- The Irish culture is a vast culture that has influences all over the world and is celebrated all ove the world during St Patrick's Day.

Strong- The Irish culture has been through many hardships throughout history that had the potential to end their culture but they stayed strong and are now in upwards of the millions all over the world.

Look- Most Irish people are very distinctive and easy to notice. They typically have white skin, and freckles, some have red hair. Most native Irish people are shorter and very broad looking people but other cultural influences make Irish people look different all over the world.

Culture Research: 4 Customs/Beliefs.

Legend of the Irish Leperchaun- Irish mythology stats that the person who catches a Leperchaun will be granted great fortune but it is nearly impossible to catch them and they are masters of evading capture. The people of Ireland believe in these and believe they inhabited the island well before the celts.

Irish Dancing- Irish dancing is used all around the world and is a form of what looks like tap dancing to upbeat Irish music, the most popular of these is the river dance, it is mostly movement of the feet with no influence by the upper body and is like jumping rope but with added foot movement.

Irsih Blessings- Although Irish blessings are a thing of the past they still greatly influence the culture. The blessing range from once wishing good health to, having a good harvest,there are thousands of blessing and some are still practiced today due to Ireland being such a religious country.

Drinking Stout- Although not promoted by the church many Irish people are gravely remembered for there love of drink particularly stout. Stout when drunk has the side effects of lead poisoning and makes a person appear dead. In a few hours the person wakes to see his friends watching over him or her. It is along lost tradition but is a staple of Irish culture.

Culture Research: Challenges Irish culture faces

Loss of religion- The numbers of catholic priest are falling in Ireland due to the need for more workers and the level of difficulty it takes to uphold the standards of a priest in Ireland. With the numbers falling so is people faith in the religion. Without a change this could bring an end to the beliefs of the Irish people in the Catholic Church.

Literature and Culture: What influences a writer?

The main influence on a writer is where they come from and theirupbringing. Writers from Africa do not write the same stories as those from America. The exspiereinces people have throughout their life judge what tone they use what they write about and if it is a sad or happy story.

Literature and Culture: How is literature like/unlike life?

Literature is like life because all literature is related in someway to a persons feelings, or personality. It is a form of someone expressing themselves and a way form them to express their opinion on something. All literature is based off of their life and events or the mood they are in. It is also like life because there are many different types, not all people are they same and do the same thing just as all literature is not the same.

Literature and Culture: How does literature reveal the values of an individual culture?

It reveals the values by showing the kind of stories they tell their children, what kind of beliefs they have, and the mood of the whole entire culture. Whether it's happy, sad , violent, kind, literature reveals how a culture is and treats its people.

Culture and Research : How is our understanding of culture and society constructed through and by literature?

Literature has the power to give a perspective and show someone a point of view on a topic they might not have seen. Literature can give us an impression on things and shape how we view a group of people or race or culture. Whether positive or negative it influences our own personal point of view on a topic.

Literature and Culture : Universal Themes

There are many types of literature but all literature has one thing in common and one shared factor. No matter what the type all literature has the power to form opinions. It gives people a voice and allows people of all races and cultures to express what they feel on a topic or can alow a person the oppurtunity to express their feelings.

Cultural Acceptance:Methods or Strategies.

Some methods that can be used to show that we are all the same is by giving everyone equal oppurtunity and from there leave it up to them everyone has their own life to live so if we can promote the fact that what others do does not affect your life we can all live in harmony. We can also teach people to look at things from multiple points of view then they can learn what it is like for them so they can understand why different groups of people do different things.

Cultural Acceptance: Statements

"It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers, any more than it is to make sheep ferocious."-

-Henry David Thoreau

This quote means that we cannot try and change how a person is and that it is wrong to try and change someone rather than accept them for who they are.

"For me, what makes life enjoyable is having a shared culture and shared references."

-Michael Sheen

This quote expresses the point that we should all live in harmony and help each other rather than fight.

Cultural Acceptance: stake

One stake if we continue to discriminate is the collapse of our societies, everyone will be fighting everyone it would be chaos that is why we need to sto discriminating.


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