Anastasia is the daughter of the last Russian tsar.

About Anastasia

  • Born on June 18, 1901, in Petrodvorets, Russia.
  • Speculation arose as to whether she and her brother Alexei Nikolaevich, might have survived.

Home arrest.

  • In February 1917, when the revolution in Russia was in full control none of her five siblings managed to escape he measles.
  • Anastasia was the last to fall ill.
  • On 8 March it was announced that the Provisional government was to take Nicholas, his children and his wife into custody.
  • Despite the arrest, the children continued to receive their home education and homework remained a must.
  • On July 16, 1918, she and her family were executed in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The mystery Anastasia.

  • In the years people all around have been wondering: did Anastasia and her brother really survive and escape?
  • No one really knows if the real Anastasia.
  • There was one person who had claimed to be the 'real' Anastasia by answering questions only the real Anastasia would know.
  • In the 1970s an amateur archaeologist found a shallow grave containing the well-aged skeletons of six adults and three children.

Quotes from Anastasia:

So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone for ever. And my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild, I never saw her again.

One resent discovery:

On February 6, 1928, a woman calling herself Anastasia Tschaikovsky and claiming to be the youngest daughter of the murdered czar of Russia arrives in New York City.

What I think really happened.

I think that Anastasia did not really escape but an fake Anastasia called herself the real one after the real Anastasia died.