Hankins Highlights

Week of November 16 - 20

Upcoming Events

Date: Event:

November 17 -- Interims Sent Home

November 19 -- Holiday Lunch at 12:30

November 20 -- STEM Day!

November 25 - November 27 -- Fall Break

This Week's Learning

Math: This week our focus is counting to higher numbers. We will focus on counting to 100. We will be working closely with a number line as well as the 100's chart. Students will also use pennies and cubes to "fill in" their footprint. Please count at home with your students on a number line. Students can write their own number line starting at any number and ending at a number larger than 50.

Reading: Our focus this week will still be predicting. Students will be asked to make predictions before reading. We will revise our predictions throughout the story and then state what actually happened in the story.

Content: This week we will continue our Past and Present unit. We will discuss the differences in schools, communities, transportation and families. We will talk about Pilgrims later in the week.

Timeline Project

If you have not turned in the timeline project, please do that soon. It will be part of the Past and Present grade.

Innovation Lab

This week students will be presenting their projects from the innovation lab. Students changed the ending of various fairy tales. They are all very creative! If you are able, please come by and watch the presentations. Presentations will be Thursday at 11:45.

Fall Festival

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Fall Festival! The PTA did an AMAZING job hosting the event! I really enjoyed seeing some of you there! I also may have enjoyed the bounce house a little too much! :)