Origami Owl-Hannah & Robin Kaufman

Build a Spirit Locket!!

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is about building your journey. The founder of Origami Owl, Bella Weems was 14 when she started her business. I am 15 and an Independent Designer, along with my mom. It's time for me to start working, and saving for my future. I asked my mom if we try this, because I play school and club volleyball and don't want to miss a minute! I put some ideas together, you have your choice of initials, numbers, spell out MOM or COACH or add a plate that says Love, Believe, or Mom too!

Origami Owl Living Lockets can be anything! You have your choice of lockets, charms, chains, plates and much more. You can create a spirit locket for your team, and the next day it can be about your love of music, photography, dogs, or any holiday!

You can see everything at: http://robinkauf.origamiowl.com


Origami Owl - Robin and Hannah Kaufman, Independent Designers

Let us help, get a locket or host a jewelry bar for your team and earn free stuff!!