By: Brian Ocampo

What does one do in this career?

They work with paints in the e.r room or in sick patients.

How many hours does one work a week?

they work up to 40 hours a week

what are some pros and cons working in this career ?

pros are that you can help save life's and help others in need and the cons are that you're exposed to germs and other viruses.

what type of schooling/ degrees do you need to work in this field?

you need proper training and a diploma and also a degree in nursing.

where can you go to school to get the needed requeirments ?

You need to go to medical school

what is the average starting salary for someone in this career?

the starting salary is $33.13 dollars

what is the average salary for someone in this career?


How can one get a pay raise?

They can get a raise by doing all the work and help out and also take other shifts.

How many males and females work in this field?

5.8% males work as nurses and 94.2% females work as nurses

Will it be easy/ difficult to get a job with this career in the next 10 years?

It will get more difficult because there will be more things to learn.