Get Red Ink'd!

Red Ink by Monique is here to aid in your written woes!

How can we help?

Writing a book? Need help working through a paper? Red Ink by Monique will help you edit your content for grammar and style while also provide any formatting tips in order to make your documentation presentable. Contact us now for a consultation!

We also specialize in revamping Resumes!

Resume writing starts off at $40 for an entry level resume and goes up based on length and complexity. If you have an actual job in mind that you are applying to, we will gladly pair your new resume with a custom cover letter.

Interested in a federal position? Let Red Ink help you by revamping your private sector or military-background resume into a resume federal HR departments can't resist! Red Ink will:

  1. Analyze your background/experience
  2. Analyze the job announcement for specific key words and ensure that you match the job prior to applying
  3. Match your background to the job description by finding out additional information about you
  4. Prepare your federal resume and cover letter
  5. Guide you in answering the new multiple choice questionnaire to the best of your ability

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