News from Room 4

March 10, 2017

What we will be learning/doing next week:

Due to half days we are going to focus on math in the morning and will not continue with our next Language Arts Unit.

We will be reviewing the following math concepts:

-Word Problems

-10 more 10 less than a number

- Place Value

- True or False equations

- Writing our own equations

-Word Problems

-Double digit equations


Educreations Videos

Vocabulary Words






Reading Groups - Animal Teams





Reading Groups -A Frogs Can Grow and Change





Important Notes:


There will be NO parent volunteers next week due to half days.

Optional Artist Research Project

Over the next 4 Fridays an index card will be sent home with an artist's name on it. If your child would like to participate they may research with you to come up with at least 3 interesting facts about the chosen artist. They can return the index card anytime the following week and present their facts in front of the class. This is a wonderful opportunity to developed research and public speaking skills. Today, look for the index card with Georgia O'Keeffe on it. Enjoy!

120th DAY

On Thursday, March 16th we will celebrate the 120th day of school. It will be filled with fun counting activities. Please send in 120 items that can fit in a zip lock bag. They need to be either the same items or the same theme and NO food items. Ex: buttons, tiles, rubber bands, pencils, etc. These items will not be returned and will add to the first grade counting bin. Thanks!

St. Patrick's Day

We will celebrate March 17th with a few art projects and with a Green Tasting Party! Read below for more info.

Depth of Knowledge is Critical

This is a great article about the change / shift in math. Please watch it to learn more. Click HERE

Green Tasting Party

Friday, March 17th, please send in anything that is green! If it's green, send it in! Here are some ideas but really anything works! The room parents will proved napkins and plates but is just for the kids to enjoy, no parents.

Our menu included:
  • celery
  • green olives
  • green apple
  • sweet pickles
  • lime jello
  • sugar snap peas
  • broccoli
  • lime sherbet/Sprite punch (Leprechaun Punch)
  • kiwi
  • green beans
  • Lima beans
  • Key Lime yogurt
  • zucchini
  • cucumber
  • lettuce
  • cabbage
  • salsa verde

Teacher Parent Conference

Please check your conference time and make sure to be on time. If you haven't confirmed, please do now.

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Important Dates:

March 13th-17th- Parent –Teacher Conferences (Minimum Days)

March 16th - 120th day

March 17th - Green Tasting Party


Christy Campbell