Push and Pull Factors

Adam Bede

Religious Persecution

A. North Korea

B. People want to migrate from this country to have the freedom of religion but cant because they aren't allowed to leave.

C. They aren't allowed to leave

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Ethnic Persecution

A. Tibet

B. People of Tibet are being persecuted by Chinese.

C. Out of Tibet where they wont be persecuted.

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Environmental Factor

A. Tsunami

B. People are migrating because their afraid another big Tsunami will hit them.

C. Different parts of Japan, where its safer.

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Economic Motive

A. Canada

B. Free Health Care

C. People are moving to Canada from all over the world

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Political Factors

A. Egypt

B. Political problems causing chaos in the streets.

C. Migrating to safer places like the U.S.

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Forced Migration

A. Ethiopia

B. In 2000, Ethiopia and Eritrea suffered their most severe drought since 1984.

c. Causes people to move where there is water for drinking and for their crops

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