Brittany James 4th Period

What is a Democracy

A Democracy is a political system in which all members have equal share of power.

An example of this is, is that everyone has the right to vote.

Pre 1700's- Athens in Greece

Solon was a Lyric Poet, a lawmaker and one of the Seven Sages, he also attempted to satisfy all Athenians. Solon wanted to lessen the suffering of the poor but also try to not remove all privaleges of the rich. The way he did this was he first divided the Athenians into four classes, these classes each had different responsibilities and different rights. Solon then continued by formalizing the government which then allowed all classes to attend Ecclesia. Ecclesia is the name of the assembly which you attend to vote, this assembly brought up the important decisions and laws that the court had to either pass or deny. With all this in place Solon then created a mixed timocratic and democratic system.Then the reform of Solon in 594 B.C. was made to change the political, economic, and moral decline in Athens and gave Athens its first comprehensive code of law. These reforms eliminated enslavement of Athenians by Athenians and assigned political privileges on the idea of wealth rather than noble birth. Even though some of Solons reforms did fail, he was the first being to of created a Democracy. Because of all that Athens is the birthplace of Democracy.
Athenian Democracy Solon and Cleisthenes

Today- America

In America today our government currently is run as a Democracy. This means that everyone has equal rights, this can be seen when it comes to voting, getting any job we choose and not being discriminated against because of our birthplace. America not only runs as a Democracy but it also tries to reason with other nations about the idea of changing their government to a Democracy. Their Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) support and promote programs that are anywhere in the world that involve democracy. DRL is not only the primary democracy advocate but it is also responsible for overseeing the Human Rights and Democracy Fund (HRDF). HRDF's job is to address Human Rights and Democratization emergencies, DRL also will use resources from HRDF and Regional Democracy Funds to support all Democratization programs like monitoring elections and the development of Parliamentary. This proves that America is so sure in the way a Democracy is run that they will do anything in their power to spread it.

What is Democracy?