Gregor Mendel Project

Lead scientist in genetics

Description and Foundation

- Mendel is scientist who studied Heredity.

- The study of genetics couldn't have start without him. He found the basics to heredity and you can never do a project in depth without the basics first. This is why Gregor Mendel is called to father of genetics.

Early Success and Struggles


Very smart and was a one to the top students

Got accepted into many colleges


He's family was fairly poor and couldn't afford the schools

He got in to a pretty tough school and then fail many hard test

The Experiment

Mendel started an experiment to find out how two things with very different traits are paired together and then produces with only one of the things traits.

- He used pea plants because it's easier to observe whats going on.

- He found that went he put two pea plants together, one being a yellow seed and one being a green seed, they produced only yellow seeds.


- More pea plants turn out round seeded than angular.

- More pea plants were green and not yellow.

- More pea plants were long instead of short.

This data means that on of the seeds traits were more dominant an the other seed it was paired with.


- Many other scientists weren't really impressed with mendel's findings of heredity because they felt they they all ready knew a lot of it.

- While Gergor was alive he didn't receive very much recognition.



Definition: It is the most powerful thing and you can see it more than the others.

Example: Cows have a dominant black coat trait that over powered the red coat trait.


Definition: It’s like the trait that’s hidden and is less like to end up happening. But is still there.

Example: My dad has dominant brown eyes but but I got my mom’s recessive green eyes.

Co Dominant-

Definition: Isn’t either dominant or recessive.

Example: A black and white cat mated and made a kitten with black and white fur.