Reading Learning Contract

December 5-9

Morning Work: Writing Contract

Each morning you will have 10 minutes to write!

Academic Vocabulary

I can learn words that are specific to a topic and figure out what they mean by using evidence from the text.


Topic: Titanic

Academic Vocabulary: Unsinkable, iceberg, stern, bow, lifeboat

Moby Max: Vocabulary

Please complete this each day for 10 minutes!

Look at these pictures as we read "Once Tiny, National Gingerbread House Competition Now a Giant" and see if you can make connections between the text and these images.

Big image
Academic Vocabulary Collaboration

We will collaborate to figure out the definitions of these domain specific vocabulary words. Then we will work in our groups to decide on "kid friendly" terms to replace these words with!

Mrs. Villiard's Table

NewsELA article. If this link doesn't work, please access it from the EMIS Resources page. Class Code: BM2BSZ

Mrs. Hanley- Holiday Newspaper Research for Article 2

Please use this resource for your second article. Choose a country and complete the graphic organizer on the back of your learning contract. Your Newspaper can be found in your Google Drive!!

The Gingerbread Tradition

This is an independent activity.

Please get the color paper that your group is assigned.

Follow the directions in the picture or on the yellow card in your center's box.

The questions are around the room. Pay attention to the category each question is in, so you are answering them at the correct time :)

Study Island: Academic Vocabulary

Be sure to watch the lesson first! You will need to answer 10 questions.

Write Directions for creating your Gingerbread Man!!


1. Decorate the gingerbread man any way you choose.

2. Write a "recipe" or set of directions that would allow someone else to decorate a gingerbread man just like yours!

3. Make sure you write all directions including the colors you need to complete it.