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Graham Frame is the founder of SFC and has over 25 years of experience in

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Simple Fast Cash From Home Business

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This is a progressive self funding system so you never pay more than

$5 per month out of your pocket.


Your Coach and Sponsor - Line Kristiansen

I know Graham from a mutual mastermind Community and I have been waiting for months for this program, because I knew how good it is and that it will be a game changer. In one week of Pre-Launch I have signed up 21 people, not doing much at all, just some posts on Facebook. I was suprised at how easy it was and I HAVE tried a program or two before.

I can't wait till the launch and when I really can start promoting :-).

I am dedicated to everybody that will join me and my Team Reach For The Sky. I will help you to make your sales.

If you are all new to this I will teach you and lead you in exactly the right direction.

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Line Kristiansen

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