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Designer sneakers are the latest addition in the fashion industry

We all know that dressing plays major role in carrying out your attractive looks. But, only attire is not sufficient to make you modish and delightful. Shoes also plays a major role in your elegant and gorgeous look. Nowadays, every individuals love to wear designer shoes. These shoes are excellent to boost your guise and make you feel very comfortable. Today, several designers are working very hard to design attractive footwear to cater the requirement of fashion industry.

Top designer brand Isabel Marant

Know how to spot a fake!

  • Know The Font Of Isabel Marant’s Logo

It’s very easy to know the REAL Isabel Marant logo. Just go to their website, and it’s there in plain view. IM goods (especially shoes, boots, and sneakers) have that exact logo all over them and their packaging. Be knowledgeable of it as any Isabel Marant shoe or sneaker whose logo and font differ from the website’s is a FAKE.

Now, there are some fakes whose logos and font are ALMOST identical to the original one. A closer look, however, will reveal that there is a tad too many spaces between “Isabel” and “Marant” and the font is noticeably largerthat the original one.

  • Check Out The Shoe Box

If you’ve bought a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers before, you can easily see whether the shoes inside the box are real or fake. Again, the key here is the font and logo, which are found on the top side of the box. The font and logo is EXACTLY the same as the one seen on Marant’s official website, and they’re right at the center.

The latest fake boxes try to copy the logo BUT the font is significantly bigger than the original. Also, there are no other signs or images beside the box’s logo. If someone sells you a pair of IM sneakers whose box’s logo has a star beside it, it’s a fake.

Along with that, keep an eye at the box’s sticker. We all know that IM is made in Portugal. Fakes’ stickers also read “Made in Portugal” when, actually, they are made in China. By now, you should know the drill: Look at the font. If it’s incorrect (and it’s easy to spot), it’s a fake.

  • Inspect The Shoes’ Soles

The soles of original Isabel Marant sneakers and boots have a very simple pattern. It has the fashion house’s logo across the middle and has a European shoe size just right next to it. If the soles have an elaborate pattern; a different font and logo; and no Euro shoe size beside it, never deal with the seller again…he’s trying to rip you off!


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