Arrow of Light

Building a Better World

Good Citizenship

This adventure is all about being a good citizen and requires a lot of independent scout activity (if the den is going to complete it in October). Please read over the summary of our planned activities below and ensure that your Webelo comes prepared to each event.

Camp-out Conservation Plan

At our meeting on October 3, the scouts developed the following conservation plan that they will implement and model at the Fall Camp-out:

Strategy #1: Encourage all campers (adults and children) to bring a reusable beverage container so that the pack's use of plastic, styrofoam, and other non-reusable cups is significantly reduced. This will be communicated via email to all dens prior to the campout.

For those with no container, disposable cups will still be available, but so will markers (for names) and decorations (for small children) so that cups can be reused multiple times before being thrown-away. (**Simpsons will provide these supplies, along with posters the boys will use to make signs & reminders)

Arrow of Light scouts will model this behavior by making sure to use their own containers AND by encouraging others to reduce/reuse.

Strategy #2: Loyd Park offers no on-site recycling services. Consequently, anything put into the trash on-site will end up in the landfill.

The scouts decided that they, along with their supportive parents, would bring containers, encourage the collection of plastic bottles, aluminum, and glass recycling at the camp site, and haul away these materials for recycling.

**We need a couple of folks with pickup trucks to volunteer to bring a recycling container (bin, trash can, etc.) and haul home for recycling pick up. The City of Mansfield will allow us to borrow one of those bottle & can recycling stands, so I'll pick it up and bring it (and some bags) out to the campsite.

Strategy #3: Reduce the number of plastic trash bags needed to collect the pack's trash by encouraging sorted trash bags (i.e. one bag for food scraps, another for stacked paper plates & cups) in the food service areas. A few signs and having scouts present to set and model this expectation should suffice to cut down on the # of bags being used.

Strategy #4: Arrow of Light scouts-led litter collection on Sunday morning. "If we model, they will follow." Again, scout-led and requiring no special materials. However, it might be a good opportunity to have the two patrols carry their banners and lead the younger groups on the detail.

These strategies, put into place this Fall and reinforced next Spring, should help this group of scouts leave a legacy of conservation-minded pack camp-outs, long after they have left the pack!

Fall Campout

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 4pm

3401 Ragland Road

Grand Prairie, TX

Scouts will:

  1. Implement the den's conservation plan at the Fall Campout by providing leadership and service to the pack and community.
  2. Review and reflect the plan's impact and brainstorm how the plan could be improved for the next camping opportunity.
Leave No Trace: Outdoor Ethics

Den Meeting

Monday, Oct. 17th, 7-8pm

1800 E Debbie Ln

Mansfield, TX

Scouts will:

  1. Review the history of the U.S. flag and flag code by participating in a learning stations warm-up activity.
  2. Engage in a whole group discussion about the rights, duties, and loyalties of good citizens and compare/contrast the concepts of rights and responsibilities.
  3. Consider the origins & importance of the 'rule of law' and connect it to the concept of democracy.


  1. Investigate and learn about what scouting is like in another country. Are the same scouting concepts that are emphasized in the United States also taught in other places? Be prepared to share one similarity and one difference at the next den meeting.

Den Meeting (Completed)

Monday, Oct. 3rd, 7-8pm

1800 E Debbie Ln

Mansfield, TX

Scouts will:

  1. Respectfully engage in a discussion with a City of Mansfield employee about water and energy conversation.
  2. Collaboratively develop a conservation plan to implement at the upcoming Fall Campout. (Intentionally moving beyond recycling to also consider reuse & reduce as conservation strategies).


  1. Discuss the following with one or more members of your family: energy and resources use at home, household energy (utilities) budget, and energy/resources conservation ideas.

Thank you for your support of your Webelo!