The Return of Coronado

Spanish man Francisco Vasquez de Coronado returns in failure

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado just returned from his exploration in the New World. He tried to find the mythical Seven Cities of Gold. Viceroy Mendoza and his wealthy wife sponsored the trip. In 1540, he made an attempt at finding the Seven Cities. But things weren't that easy.
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Coronado was the first explorer to marvel at the Grand Canyon.

The Voyage

Coronado explored some of New Spain to find the Seven Cities. When he got there, he thought the villagers were guarding the gold. He ordered an attack, and he almost died in the bloody battle. But he found no gold. In 1542, he returned to Spain in failure, but he claimed lots of land for Spain. He also made the first maps of Northern New Spain. He even got to spread Christianity to the New World!
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