Radiologist Technician

Saige Flattum

Career Goal: Be a Radiologist Technician

When I graduate high school I want to pursue a career in the medical field with a degree to take X-Rays. I have always been a caring person and I love to help out others. It's something that I really enjoy.

Career Overview

Radiologists diagnose health problems using x-rays and radioactive materials. They make around $65,401 a year. The outlook for this career is increasing. In 2012, the state of Minnesota needed a total of 4,020 x-ray techs. Some of the different skills needed to be successful in this career is being able to read work-related information, thinking critically about the pros and the cons of different ways to solve problems, teaching people how to do work, writing, making decisions, listening, monitoring performance, learning new things, solving complex problems, and speaking. The interest category that this career falls under is investigating. Working conditions for a radiologist is being able to have a telephone conversation, working in groups or teams, meeting strict deadlines, exposure to radiation, wearing specialized protective or safety equipment and high levels of competition. A related career occupation is a physician specializing in radiography for diagnosis and treatment.

Programs and Coursework

After high school, I need to go to college to get my Doctoral or Professional Degree. Related programs and majors are Medical Residency Programs and a Medicine Major.

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