Life Savers

By: Kendall Cline

Nurse Practitioners

This job is located in the life science branch. It is in this branch because it deals with the human body and living things.

Education Path

Some helpful high school course include advanced math, science, language arts, and social studies. Others consist of anatomy, physiology, biotechnology, chemistry, statistics and probability, and foreign language (minimum of 2 years).

Majors and Degrees

Pre nursing, and registered nurse

You apply directly to health care providers

The courses you take in high school and college will prepare you to become a registered nurse (RN). As a RN you need to be prepared to handle anything.


University of Florida is my school of choice. This school is located in Gainsville, Flordia. I chose this college because I've always wanted to go here. It's a four year public university, it's in a very urban setting. The student to faculty ratio is 20:1. To get into this college you need to have an ACT score of at least 24 and a SAT of 1100.

Job Description

As a registered nurse (RN) you are an expert in a specific nursing area. You work 40-60 hours a week but you can also be on call which means you could be called into the hospital at any time. You could have some hard labor in this job. For example you have to do lots of lifting. Especially if you are a nurse at a hospital and someone comes in on a stretcher you need to transfer them to a bed.


In Wisconsin a RN is a pretty common job. Within the next 10 years there will be a higher demand for Registered nurses not only in Wisconsin but everywhere. It would be fairly easy to find a job in Wisconsin. One main employer in the Green Bay Area is Bellin hospital. I would like to find a job there because that's where I currently go and it's a fantastic facility.


In Wisconsin at entry level you would make $22.82 per hour or $47,560 per year versus the national level which is $21.25 per hour or $44,190 per year. At median level you would make $30.03 per hour in Wisconsin but nationally you would make $31.10 per hour. Per year in Wisconsin you would make $62,470 versus nationally which is $64,690. Once you are experienced you would make $40.53 per hour in Wisconsin as for nationally you would make $45.74 per hour. Your salary for Wisconsin is $84,300 but for national you would get $95,130 per year.

Overall Summary

Personally I could see myself doing this job in the future because nursing really interests me and I love helping people. That's one of the main pros of being a nurse is that you get to help people all day long. Another pro is that I could work with kids and I love kids. On the other hand you could receive late calls to come into the hospital and another one is seeing a lot of things you probably would never want to see in your lifetime.


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