Doomsday: Space Clouds

By: Nicole, Ashely C. and Olivia

Just an ordinary cloud?

These clouds are nothing like the tiny clouds we see everyday. These clouds could mean the end the world one day.

End of the world

Friday, May 9th, 9pm


"They're just clouds-so what?"

  • referred to as a 'Giant Molecular Cloud'- 'giant' is NOT an understatement
  • it would take Earth one million years to pass through it
Glowing Clouds Filmed from Space Station

What's the point?

  • consists of dangerous amounts of hydrogen
  • stars in the making
  • sun started out as a cloud

Steps to the End of the World

  1. Invade the atmosphere of the Earth
  2. dust from the cloud will block the sun
  3. sun will be an unclear light
  4. Ice Age

Harmful Effects

It is a combination of many world ending events at once:


-Ice ages

-Nuclear Winters

-Oxygen Shortage



Big image
Deadliest Space Weather: Under the Clouds of Venus