Nutrition Project

By: Brienne Grahlfs

How to stay healthy even when you're out!

When you don't have time and your only option is to eat out - eat smart! Even if you're at those fast food greasy restaurants they a almost always have a salad, or even a grilled chicken sand which! Also stay away from those French fries and fatty rich condiments. No matter what you do, DO NOT drink any sugary or soda drinks! The healthy amount of intake for soda is 1 can a week, or none at all!

For when you're at home and don't know what to cook

Whenever you're home and you're wanting those fatty foods and just don't know what to cook, check out the website below! They have a lot of family favorite foods with healthy modifications to them to shed off the calories.

Tips for staying healthy!

Make sure to always get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day!

Quick exercises that require no equipment!

-50 sit ups

-100 squats

-1 mile run

-1 minute jumping jack circuit

- 1 minute plank hold