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Rick Holt's - A Celtic Mass

Many of you weren’t able to attend the music service at First UMC Dallas, featuring Rick’s Celtic Mass. Below you’ll see the attachment of the full service. I hope you’ll take the time to watch this extraordinary work. Rick has given you helpful timing if you’d prefer to go straight to his music.

If you don't have time to watch the entire service here are the marks for the pipers and the Mass:

Highland Cathedral 10:00
A Celtic Mass: 23.55

We are soooooooo blessed to have Rick as a part of this amazing Choir!
Worship: Apr. 17, 2016

Prayer Requests

Diane and Frank Robertson are grieving the death of their son-in-law. Diane’s daughter passed away a couple of weeks ago unexpectedly while caring for him. They will be back on Sunday to sing in choir with us. Praying for comfort and peace.

Beth Beathard had a scary event with her heart that may be a one-time thing. She is rejoicing in this news! Her doctor will keep a close watch on her, though. Thanks for all the prayers!

Connie McSpadden’s sister’s cancer has returned. Prayers for healing.

Jesse’s grandmother had a major stroke last Tuesday, April 19, and is recovering. Thanks for all the prayers!

Please send Joys & Concerns to

Use “Choir News” in subject line

Pray Request Form - FUMCR

This form is to submit prayers to the church, and not to the choir!

2015-2016 Inspirational Award

Have you been inspired by someone in the Choir? Who has lifted your heart, been a great friend, pushed you to great heights? IT IS TIME!

The Inspiration Award will be announced at the Spring Choir Banquet, but to be able to do that we need you vote! How do you vote you say??? That is easy! Your vote must be given to Mike!

You just need to write down their name (or a very close description!) and a statement as to why this person is deserving of the award!

Choir Officer Elections

Want to serve in the officer corp? Now is the time to throw your name in the hat! If there is a role you want to fill please submit your name to Jenny Kelly and Jason Lemons! Next week I will send the full list of roles and descriptions! That will be the final chance to submit your name before they are voted on.
FUMCR Website <click here>

First United Methodist Chruch in Richardson, Tx

Special Note about Chichester Psalms

While this is a very challenging piece for our choir and has really put us to the test...we must remember that all we are asked is to do our best! We are 8 days away with final rehearsals... we need everyone at EVERYONE possible! YOU CAN DO THIS! And you will be glad you did, honestly!

I have added the history of the history of the piece for your reading pleasure. (It was on the internet, so it has to be true!)


The work was commissioned for the 1965 Southern Cathedrals Festival at Chichester Cathedral by the cathedral's organist, John Birch, and the Dean, Walter Hussey. However, the world premiere took place in thePhilharmonic Hall, New York on July 15, 1965 with the composer conducting, followed by the performance in the Chichester Festival on July 31, conducted by John Birch.

Chichester Psalms was Bernstein's first composition after his 1963 Third Symphony (Kaddish). They are his two most overtly Jewish works. While both works have a chorus singing texts in Hebrew, the KaddishSymphony has been described as a work often at the edge of despair, while Chichester Psalms is affirmative and at times serene.

The Psalms and the first movement in particular are noted among performers for their musical difficulty. For example, the opening (see illustration) is extraordinarily difficult for the choral tenors, owing to the unusually wide vocal range, rhythmic complexity, and the consistent presence of strange and difficult-to-maintain parallel 7ths between the tenor and bass parts. (The interval of a seventh figures prominently throughout the piece due to its numerological importance in the Judeo-Christian tradition; the first movement is written in the unusual meter of 7/4.)

The Chichester Psalms significantly features the harp; the full orchestral version requires two intricate harp parts. Bernstein completed the harp parts before composing the accompanying orchestral and choral parts, thus granting the harpists a pivotal role in realizing the music. In rehearsals, Bernstein is noted to have requested that the harpists play through the piece before the rest of the orchestra to emphasize the importance of the harp's role.

A notable recording was made in 1986 conducted by Richard Hickox. With Bernstein's approval, the countertenor part was sung by Aled Jones, then a treble.

Despite the work's difficulty, it is occasionally performed as an anthem in services of choral Evensong in the most musical Anglican cathedrals. The soloist in the second movement is thus very often a treble.

Chichester Psalms Concert Info - 8 DAYS

It is getting close...please remember to listen daily to your CD's!! We are getting close to this amazing performance!!! Here is the latest info that we have...

Wed - May 4th (Choir Rehearsal)

7:00pm - Fleming Hall (Full Choir rehearsal)

7:30pm - Sanctuary (Chinchester Choir with instruments) - Full Rehearsal

Saturday - May 7th (Concert Day)

9:30am - 11:30am (Chichester Choir with instruments) - Full Rehearsal

7:30pm - Bradley Welch Organ Recital

(Chichester Performance TBD)

9:00pm - Open Reception - Fleming Rehearsal Hall

Time to Invite!!!

With open hearts and minds, We WELCOME people to the Chancel Choir, We TUNE people in the Chancel Choir, and we PERFORM with people with in the Chancel Choir...

That is our Mission Statement right??? Rings a bell sorta!

Anyway... Now is the time!! Have to been itching to ask someone to come to choir? Have you heard someone singing in the halls? Then your should invite them to choir! Hey...we have a new Music Suite to fill!

And a Spring Banquet to fill as well...see below!

Alamo Draft House Website

Alamo Draft House - Richardson Website

Chancel Choir Spring Banquet

Wednesday, May 18th, 6:30-9:30pm

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Richardson, TX, United States

Join us for the Chancel Choir Spring Banquet!! This year we will be renting out an entire theater at the Alamo Draft House! There is a bonus this year..... you get to bring EVERYONE!!! (Well we have about 154 seats that we need to you friends and family!!!)

The Alamo Drafthouse has put together a special "best of Alamo" menu to ensure that our experience there is great. Anything you order there is delicious, but if they're calling it their best... well, wow.


Movie - Young at Heart

Program - Recognition and New Council will be introduced

Cost - $12.00 per person

Location - 100 S. Central Expressway

Richardson, Texas 75080

(SW corner Beltline & Central Expressway

Upcoming Anthems

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