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Harmony Science Academy-Waco

October 28, 2020 Issue 6

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Herbert Spencer


Looking Ahead: Important Dates

10/23-10/31 Red Ribbon Week

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This week, our topic is Nature's Giants. We will learn about the mountains, oceans, caves, and waterfalls. We are focusing on the letter Ii, number 8, and the hexagon shape. Please spend some time practicing letter names and sounds with your child at home. -Mrs. Vasquez

Reminder: Parents please send your child to school on Mondays with their blanket.

This week in class we will be learning the letter Ii, number 8, the color pink, hexagon for the shape and continue working on compound words. Let’s have a great week!!-Ms. Bateman

Ms. Ingroum's class is learning the letter g, number 7, and distances. We are also learning about jobs in the community.


This week we are retelling stories. Have your child tell you about the beginning, middle, and end of the stories, movies, or books after they finish it. We are also discussing problem, solution, and theme of the folk tale we read. Our sight words this week are did, in, put. In math, we are reviewing numbers 1-10 and graphing. In science, we are discussing patterns of movement so as you talk with your child about how things move, use words like zigzag, back and forth, side to side, round and round, etc. In social studies, we are learning about national patriotic holidays.

The Kindergarten Team

1st Grade

First grade will be learning the /ch/ sound, reading non fiction texts and identifying details, and will also be learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases. In math we are using pictures to subtract and compare numbers. In science we are learning all about movement: how people and animals move and different ways objects can move. In social studies we will be learning about transportation and the changes that technology has created. First Grade Team

2nd Grade

We will be continuing to learn about subtraction strategies when subtracting 2 digit by 2 digit numbers. We will start regrouping the tens into ones. -Ms. Lester

2A/2C ELA- This week we will be able to code/blend multisyllabic words with c and ck, understand when to apply the suffixes -ful and -les to the end of words, understand Big Idea Words: moral, relate, and version, and know when to add -s or -es to a verb. We will be taking our CBA 3 on Monday and weekly assessment: WK 1/Selection Quiz on "How to Read a Story" on Friday. (Tests count as 40% of the overall grade!) PLEASE BE PRESENT AND ON TIME TO CLASS EVERYDAY! -Ms. B.Martinez

This week in ELA we will be working on words with consonant digraphs. We will be reviewing the theme in our story of the week. Students will practice retelling a story using the details from the beginning, middle, and end. Keep encouraging your student to read at least 20 minutes each day!! --Ms. Brown

In science this week students are continuing to study energy and forces. We will be investigating the effects on objects by increasing and decreasing amounts of sound, light, thermal energy and magnetism!-Mrs. A Martinez

3rd Grade

In ELA this week we will be learning about character traits and making connections to characters in the story as we read. We will be learning about concrete and abstract nouns. Our spelling practice will be focused on words with silent consonants. Please make sure your student is reading for at least 20 minutes each day! --Ms. Brown
This week in science, students are starting their new unit on forces and motion. We will be investigating the forces of magnetism and gravity. -Mrs. A Martinez

We will be taking CBA 3 this week. In reading, we will be discussing major and minor characters. In writing, students will be working to publish a writing piece.-Mrs. Salas

This week we are starting division! Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your students at home, this will help them as we begin learning new skills. -Ms. Curtis

4th Grade

In ELA, the class is reading “My Diary from Here to There.” We are going to analyze plot elements in the text and write our own diary entries. We are also finishing our persuasive essays. -Mrs. Driver

We are still working on our Division unit, and will be learning long division (using standard algorithm). Continue to encourage students to work on topics and their Quicktables in ALEKS!-Ms. McCaig

This week in science students are continuing to study electricity - conductors, insulators, and circuits. We will be making real-world connections on how we use them in our daily lives.-Mrs. A Martinez

This week we will be discussing La Salle and the contributions he made.

*Please make sure your child is checking Skyward for grades. Also, last week they took a test on Clever. This test has been reset so anyone wanting to retake this can. Your child may use the article to refer back to.-Mrs. Salas

5th Grade

In science we are studying how landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth’s surface by wind, water, or ice. In social studies we are covering the three branches of government(Executive, Judicial, Legislative) and how they check and balance each other.-Mr. Walton

Welcome to week 3 of Quarter 2. We are working hard at reading and writing. Students are practicing responding to a writing STAAR prompt in complete sentences, staying on topic, and following the structure for expository writing with a beginning, a middle, and an end to their essays. Students are reading passages that are similar to what they will have on the STAAR test and using reading testing strategies to answer test questions using inference. Please make sure your student has completed all missing work, and if they need to retest, that they are keeping up with that also in a timely manner. It is very important to make sure your student is present on time to zoom with their camera on to make sure they are receiving the full benefit of the lesson, it is a requirement that the camera stays on. I am noticing more students signing on very late, it affects their grade and it disturbs the learning environment of others. Please stay in contact with me on dojo if you have any questions and to check for updates.

Thank you for all you do! -Mrs. Dunford

Hello 5th grade parents and guardians! We have finished our division unit except for re-tests and are moving on to our fractions unit. Students will be able to add and subtract fractions using models as well as the standard algorithm. We would still like to practice fact fluency, so please make sure your child is practicing on play.rocketmath.com

as well as using www.aleks.com. Students need 10 topics each week on ALEKS in order to receive a 100. Thanks for all you do!-Ms. Piscacek

If your student is absent, email the doctor's note to the attendance clerk (imeza@harmonytx.org) fax or drop the note inside the box outside the office by the window. Reminder: students have until 11:59 pm to submit the exit ticket to receive attendance credit for that day.
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