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MAY 4, 2016

Disney Performance Tracker (DPT) Update

All Advisors and Leaders should be clearing their alerts and messages in Disney Performance Tracker (DPT).

  • Alerts and messages should be cleared a minimum of once per week.
  • This is to improve system performance and speed of use.

This information has been added to DORY >> Search: Performance Tracker or DPT

Blank Second Monitor - How to Fix

When one of your monitors goes blank, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select "Screen Resolution"
  • Change the Multiple Displays dropdown to choose "Duplicate these displays"
  • Apply the change
  • Select "Revert" on the pop-up asking if you want to keep the settings
  • Change the dropdown option back to "Extend these displays"
  • Select "OK" to save
  • Please contact a Member Services Coordinator if this does not resolve your issue.

This information has been added to DORY >> Search: blank monitor.

Work At Home Team Update

Work at Home Advisors can view pictures of the content that has been placed on the Exchange bulletin board in DORY.

To view the information on the board, visit DORY >> Search: Exchange bulletin board

May Cast Block-out Dates Update

Main Entrance Pass block-out dates for Spouse and Guest Passes have been adjusted for Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park from May 27-June 1 (Memorial Day weekend). Other theme parks' block-out dates for the month of May include:

  • Magic Kingdom Park: May 27-29
  • Self admission is still available at this time.
  • Please plan your theme park visits accordingly.

You and your Guests can view block-out dates anytime by visiting, or you may call toll-free 855.706.2516 (or tie-line 8.296.5675).

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