Traveler's Diarrhea (TD)

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The picture above shows the bacteria known as enterotoxigenic which is one of the main cause of TD.
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The picture above shows TD in action with victims under attack.


TD attacks the digestive system. Some of the infections that it causes is diarrhea & dehydration. Dehydration can also raise your blood pressure which can lead to fatal casualties. It is transmitted though ingestion of food.


Travelers are most at risk of falling victim to TD. Workers that have been exposed to TD are usually business workers and people that have a job that involves traveling to different places.


Victims affected usually pass on up to 5 loose or watery bowel movements per day. This can lead to cramps, high fevers, bloating, bloody stools, or increase in intestinal or stomach gurgling. It damages the body's intestines.


TD hides in bacteria, the main one being enterotoxigenic. This bacteria can be found in foods and drinks and affects travelers new to the environment.


The risk of getting TD can not be eliminated but it can be reduced. Good ways to prevent this disease is by washing your hands before eating or by carrying around a small container of hand sanitizer. The best way to treat TD is to stay hydrated, it's best to try and drink as much liquid as you think you are losing. It's best to avoid caffeinated drinks & other drink with sugar since that can actually worsen the diarrhea. It's good to drink clear drinks that you can see through such as, sports drinks like gatorade and powerade, but not too much because it may contain too much sugar. Pedialyte is known to be good as well.