Elizabeth Cady Stanton

had a very important impact on women's rights

birth and death information

Elizabeth was born on November 12,1815, in Johnstown, New York. She sadly passed away on October 26, 1902 at age 86.
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childhood & family info

Lizzie had brothers but they all passed away at a young age. Her dad had told her that he had wished she were a boy, so she wanted to be as good as a boy. She made it her goal then to be as good as a boy for her dad.


lizzie educated at Johnstown Academy until she was 16. then she went on to Emma Willard's Female Seminary in Troy for 2 years. on her free time she would study Greek. Elizabeth then became quickly interested in law sense her father was a lawyer she had access to a law library.

Important life events

Elizabeth went to England with her husband for the world's anti-slavery convention. lizzie and several women then held the famous Seneca Falls Convention in July 1848. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth formed the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA) IN 1869. Elizabeth and her daughter published a critique called, " The Women's Bible" which helped with the supporting of women's suffrage.


one of Elizabeth's greatest accomplishment was being the 1st President of the National Women's Suffrage. Elizabeth also drafted the Seneca Falls Declaration. Lizzie co-authored "The History of Women" and the "Women's Bible" with her daughter. She also wrote " The Declaration of Sediments" which helped with women's rights.

Elizabeth's Contribution To Change

Elizabeth Cady Stanton traveled to many locations to give lectures and speeches about women's rights. she and Susan B. Anthony started conventions for women's rights. Lizzie was also the chief philosopher of the Woman's Rights Movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton has formulated the agenda fro Woman's Rights that has guided the struggle to the present. Elizabeth is one of the most important women in American History.