By Dawson Haight

Chomp Summarized

The book Chomp is by Carl, Hiaasen. Chomp is mostly about this family there last name is Crays they have a zoo in there back yard it is just not on the map. The dad Mickey Cray had a frozen iguana fall on his head and he had a really bad concussion, so he could not work so his family fell back on mortgaged. So his wife went to China to make some more money while she was there. Mickey ans his son Wahoo took a TV job that the people who hired then they just needed the animals in the survivalist show . The show is called Expedition Survivalist. It turned out that the star of the show if a big fake ever time he is with a animal in the show the animal is tame and will not hurt a human. So when Mickey and Wahoo Cray accept the job they need to use the 14 foot alligator the bit of Wahoo's right thumb. The star of the show is named Derek Badger and he sat on top of the beast and it started to roll and fight and Derek was stuck in its teeth then Mickey Cray saved him by jumping in the water and pulling him out. Then Derek Badger decided to go to the Everglades and make the show with real and wild animals. Then Derek Badger got bit by a bat and he thought that would become a vampire. Then Mickey Cray and Wahoo took this girl on the trip to get her away from her dad because her dad beats her. Then Derek hijacks a airboat and ran away then The girls dad finds then and he takes Mickey Cray hostage. Then the girls dad shoots Mickey in the foot and then out of no where Derek comes out of the bushes and attacks the girls dad and tries to bite his throat because he thinks he is a vampire and that is the end of my book.


I have not read a book like this it was really good at first it started slow then it was funny. The book was really good I would read another book like this.