January 2019


Hello Skyhawk Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying some quality family time and making wonderful winter break memories. In fact, I hope that you are so busy with those activities that you have put this newsletter aside and are not reading it until January 6, as you are making plans for your student’s return to school.

It is always nice to get a relaxing break during this time of the year, but we are also excited as a staff to get the students back in the building and pick up where we left off in December. As a reminder, we are working on reducing student anxiety in the building through examining our own practices and working with students on what it means to make mistakes as we continue to learn. Please continue to reinforce the message at home that mistakes are learning opportunities and should be viewed as an opportunity to grow.

The first of the year also brings with it new opportunities to get involved here at Skyridge. Our wrestling and volleyball teams wrapped up successful seasons in December, which means that it is time for Skyhawk basketball. The boys had tryouts and one practice before break and will continue practice on the 7th. The girls’ season will begin with tryouts in early February. If basketball is not your thing, our popular knowledge bowl season kicks off on January 7 with the first practice. Still not what you are looking for? Our school musical, The Lion King also gets under way in January with audition videos due by January 15 and live auditions on January 22 and 23. Don’t forget that you can also tune into SNN through YouTube and Facebook for updates on all the happenings here on the ‘Ridge.

Finally, I want to let you know about our ‘Unity Week’ coming up the week of January 14-18. This will be our second annual ‘Unity Week’ and we are looking to follow the success that we had last year with an even better week this year. ‘Unity Week’ is designed to demonstrate that while we might all be different, those differences should be celebrated and included within our community. There will be several activities during lunchtime designed to bring us all closer together and make everyone feel a part of Skyridge. This week’s activities are designed and run by our ASB and the kids do a great job of getting everyone involved. Make sure to ask your student about the activities that are occurring during this week, and to talk to them about the importance of our unity week at school and in the Camas community.

Again, I hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing break and we look forward to seeing our Skyhawks back in the building soon. Don’t forget to contact us if we can help in any way!

Go Skyhawks!

Clint Williams


We are aware that traffic congestion is a challenge on school mornings and afternoons. To help relieve traffic issues, please support the following practices:

· Encourage your student to ride the bus if one is available.

· When traffic is backed up on Parker Street, please take turns entering school property: car turning right, car turning left, car turning right, car turning left, and so forth.

· Use the student drop-off/pick-up loop only when bringing your child to school and/or picking up. DO NOT use staff or visitor parking lots unless you are parking and entering the building.

· Pull forward as far as possible when you enter the student drop-off area. Your student will be able to enter the building from any of the dining room doorways.

· When exiting school property and traffic is heavy, please turn right onto Parker Street even though you may need to go South. Circle around from Lake Road to get to your next destination.

· Allow adequate time. Classes begin at 9 AM. Students can access the hallways and lockers any time after 8:45 AM. Dining room doors open at 8:30 AM.

· Be courteous to others, use safe driving practices and be cautious of pedestrians and cyclists.

· Do not enter or drop off students on the bus entry road or the rear of our building. This entrance is for buses ONLY. THANK YOU!


Monday (Jan 7): School Resumes - It will be a SKY day meaning STAR periods 1, 3, and 5.

Monday (7): Boys basketball practices begin: B teams 3:45-5:30 PM; A teams 5-7 PM.

Monday (7): Knowledge Bowl practices begin after school.

Thursday (10): Late Start - classes begin @11 AM; buses will run 2 hours later than normal.

Monday (14): GEOBEE school championship competition assembly.

Thursday (17): Wellness Series 2: Should We Be Worried? @Discovery HS, 7 PM.

Friday (18): Yearbook prices increase to $35. Don't wait! Save $10 and buy early.

Monday (21): NO SCHOOL -Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Wednesday (23): Joint middle school PTO meeting (Liberty, Odyssey, Skyridge) @Discovery High School, 6:30 PM.

Monday (28): NO CLASSES - Grading Day.

Tuesday (29): Joint middle school FLASH Curriculum parent informational meeting @ Odyssey Middle School, 6 PM.

Monday (Feb 4): Intramural Season 3 begins 4 to 5 PM - Table Tennis and Chess - Register on FamilyID; pay fees online through the Skyridge website.

Friday, Monday, Tuesday (Feb 8, 11, and 12): Girls basketball tryouts. Register on FamilyId.


Reminder to families picking up students: Please email or call the office before 2 PM to notify staff. Picking up students during the final 30 minutes of the day without notice can take several minutes as students are in one of seven locations with flex study (ELA, math, science, health, gym, study hall, or library). Email or call 360-833-5806. Voice mail is checked often.


Skyridge offers a supply of nutritious meals and snacks for students over the weekends and extended breaks, free of charge. Backpacks are distributed by the counselor on the last school day before the weekend or break. Any student enrolled at Skyridge is able to receive these weekly bags of food. If you believe your family could benefit from this program, we encourage you to sign them up by contacting your student’s counselor. This information is kept confidential. Once your family is signed up, they will receive a backpack with food each week until they leave the district or until you no longer wish to participate. We encourage you to take advantage of this program for your family and your children. Questions or concerns? Please contact Mrs. Thielbar or Mrs. Loren.


In 2007 the Washington State Legislature established the College Bound Scholarship. This program was created to provide state financial aid to low-income students who may not consider college a possibility due to the cost. The scholarship covers tuition (at comparable public college rates), some fees, and a small book allowance.

Eligibility for the scholarship is a two-part process. Students in 7th or 8th grade whose family meets the income requirements must submit and complete an application by June 30 of the student’s 8th grade year. Then students must meet the College Bound Pledge requirements and income-eligibility as determined by the student’s financial aid application (FAFSA or WASFA) in their senior year of high school. Click HERE to apply.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff in the main office at 360-833-5800, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.