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This Week in Band at PMMS (April 19-23, 2021)

Remember Instruments & Dress Warm!!

Our first week of practicing outside went pretty well! It was a bit cold and very windy on Monday but we made the best of it! This week we will have a large tent to use behind school. This will certainly help with the wind, but kids still should bring a warm jacket to wear!

Here are a few other reminders for your students:

  1. In-person students need to remember their instruments and music! We had to lend out many instruments last week. Please be sure to remember your stuff!
  2. Wear warm clothes!! The forecast for this week is below......brrrr!
  3. Stop by the band room to drop off your instrument in the morning and be sure to take it home after school to practice.
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Special Plan For Band Lessons This Week

Thank you all for your patience and understanding with band lessons! Last week was a challenge with the Forward Exam and going outside for the first time. We did manage to do a few in-person lessons outside and it was WONDERFUL! It was a lot more efficient and effective!

Given this fact AND considering that we will change to 4 day school starting in just one more week, we have decided to do a voluntary sign-up for band lessons this Wednesday. Students are encouraged to sign up for a time. All four teachers along will be available from 8 am to 2 pm and Ms. Klinkner will be available in the morning. In addition to this, we will continue to work with students during band in person.

Our goal will be to make a few modifications to the lesson schedule to take advantage of doing some lessons in person the remainder of the year. We will send a final (hopefully) new schedule this week.



With all of the changes that have taken place the past few weeks regarding 4 day school announcement and our ability to play outside, we have made the decision to postpone our Virtual Spring Concert on April 26th. We are considering a few different options and will be in touch soon with more details!!!

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Need Supplies?

Visit Ward Brodt's website to order any band supplies you need. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose home delivery or school delivery under the shipping section. If you choose school delivery, your supplies will be delivered to Cardinal Heights and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, we have attached a list of recommended supplies here.


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