by:Cristty Castillo and Grace Conner

What is tobacco?

Tobacco is something you smoke or chew.Tobacco has a drug in it called nicotine. Nicotine is a very addicting drug and hard for a person to let go.There are two types of tobacco: smokeless and smoke, both of these can cause deadly consequences and have the drug nicotine in it. Tobacco can affect your health in every category.

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The risk of tobacco use

Physical consequence

1. Your heart stops beating regularly, so when you try to do exercise you lose breathe easier

2.You could get different illnesses

3. you could lose conscious

4. You could lose your breath a lot

5. Smokers run much slower than nonsmokers

social consequences

1. smoking can cause to bad breathe

2. Most people that smoke began because they thought it would make them look cool, but really causes people to look down at you

3. You could end up hurting yourself trying to be cool

4. Your friends might not think it is cool

5. You might get rejected

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Tobacco can cause

Tobacco can cause....

1. lung cancer

2. lung damage

3. bad breathe

4. gum disease


6. heart disease

7. stroke

8. birth defects

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Mental and Emotional Consequences

Mental and Emotional

  1. You could have a mental break down
  2. You could have suicidal thoughts
  3. You can have emotional break downs
  4. You can have homicidal thoughts
  5. You can harm others with the secondhand smoke