Game Changers by: Mike Lupica

The genre of this book would be fiction.


The summary of this book would be about Ben McBain and his best friend Shawn. They play on the same football team, and both of them at football tryouts tried out for quarterback. Competing against Shawn was very hard for Ben. Shawn being the best quarterback in his town always got the starting quarterback position. Shawn's dad was the head coach, and Shawn got a lot of playing time. But throughout the year, Shawn had some struggles. Ben being his friend would go over to his house to practice with him. They would play til the sun went down. Through their season, they one won some games and lost some. But in the end, it was worth it all. The championship game was that day and the team had to give it there all. Shawn was starting and Ben was waiting to come in. Knowing Shawn was struggling previously in the season. Ben got his chance in the spot he loved. Quarterback. Coming down to the final minute of the game. The scoreboard showing 21-21. Tied game. Ben had a lot of pressure on him, and knew his team was counting on him to make the passes. The final throw of the game came from the other team.
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The tone of this book would be intense, scary, romantic, and mystery. These would be tones, because there was a lot of parts and turning points in this book. You didn't know what was going to happen next, and it kept you on the edge of your seat. Every chapter wanting to read more. There were a lot of intense moments when Ben's team scored in one game with seconds on the clock, and scary moments not knowing who was going to win. Also romantic with Ben having a crush on a girl in his grade. Mystery because you didn't know what was happening next, and it kept you guessing.
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The theme of this book would be learn from your mistakes and always give it your best. These could be themes, because you can't make a mistake and do it again to many times. You have to see what you did wrong. Like when Ben didn't listen to his dad when he told Ben to do his chores. It just got him in more trouble, and he did it over and over again. Giving it your best could also be one because if Ben's team didn't do that, they wouldn't of made it to the championship and got where they did.

Foil Characters:

I would relate Ben (protagonist) to Shawn. I would relate these to, because they both are very similar. They both play on the same team, like to do the same things, always work there hardest, and love to practice outside of the game.
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Questions for characters:

1) Why does Ben want to be quarterback with there being many more positions he could play?

2) Why does Shawn not take his mind of the things he did wrong, and think positive about good things?

3) Why doesn't the coach let Ben try a game at quarterback?