The Genetically Modified GloFish

Experience the glow

How the GloFish is genetically modified

GloFish were originally bred for more than ten years ago to help find environmental pollutants. They were bred from the offspring of the originally developed fluorescent fish several years ago. Each GloFish inherits it's unique colour directly from its parents, maintains the colour throughout its life and passes it to its offspring.

What is the purpose for the creation of the GloFish?

GloFish fluorescent fish are great fish that add colour to any fish tank at home, in the office or in a classroom. The true purpose of the genetically modified GloFish was to detect environmental pollutants. A naturally derived fluorescence gene is added to the fish to determine when a waterway is polluted.

The advantages of the GloFish to society and the environment

By marketing the GloFish will allow people to enjoy their own fluorescent fish while also promoting beneficial scientific goals behind their development. A portion of the sales goes directly to the bad where the fish were created for further research.

Risks to society and the environment

Some questions asked about the GloFish are that if they can be eaten by humans. Like all ornamental fish, GloFish are not intended for human consumption, although there are no dangers of it. GloFish are modified using a natural gene, therefore they can not cause any harm to society or the environment. GloFish have been reviewed by several state agencies concluding that the fluorescent fish are safe for the environment.

Personal Reflection

In addition to my research, I believe that the benefits of the GloFish do outweigh the negative effects. In fact, there are no negative effects of GloFish. They are natural, harmless and a great way of making a plain aquarium look eye- catching.