LG Expeditionary Thursday Update

February 28, 2019

Big picture

6th Grade - Physics, Electricity, and Magnetism

6th graders are learning about physics. To support this, they traveled to the Hall of Science. Once there students participated in the Design Lab, where their curiosity and collaboration are the main requirements towards success. The Design Lab is a special exhibit that allows kids to work together to solve problems using design materials and their imaginations. The 6th graders also interacted with the Hall’s various exhibits related to light and math.

We have been studying electricity and magnetism since the start of the 2nd Semester. The homework for this trip caps that work. The trip itself doesn’t exactly match our study of electricity and magnetism, but it did offer an excellent opportunity for students to experiment, collaborate, and have fun with science.

Ask your child what their favorite parts of the museum were! What surprised them?

7th Grade - Plate Tectonics

7th graders have been learning about plate tectonics through the geological record. Students visited the American Museum of Natural History to observe samples of the rocks and minerals they have been studying in science class. They were asked, “How do rocks and minerals provide evidence that the earth is continuously changing?” This unit of study is a stepping stone for the earth science students will investigate throughout semester 2. They also got a chance to watch the short film Dark Universe!

Ask your child what different types of rocks they’ve learned about (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary). What are some differences about those rocks and what do they tell us about earth’s history?

8th Grade - DNA Lab

8th graders have been studying human development all year. As we move into the study of genetics, students have been learning about the structure of DNA and how it is related to reproduction.

This Thursday, we turned our classrooms into laboratories so students can investigate DNA and genetics. They traveled from room to room completing a DNA Extraction Lab, Building DNA Models, and analyzing a film on the ethics of genetic engineering (Gattaca). All of this is a culmination of their “Evolution of Me” case study on human development.

Ask your child what they know about DNA & genetic engineering. What are some concerns people might have about genetically engineering babies?

About BCS

Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School serving students in grades 6-12. We use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound.