Instant Strength by Alicia & Molly

Our toothpaste makes your breath fresh and makes you strong!

Available in all stores and helps you showoff in the weight room!

Our toothpaste will make you the strongest. Every muscle on your body will be bigger. If you are short it'll make you taller and more muscular. If you thought your toothpaste was good and your new toothpaste was better, Instant Strength will be the best. If your breath smells bad it'll make your breath more fresh. After the toothpaste if your breath still smells bad or even worse or the worst in your whole community sue us because it won't happen. The dentist recommends it's the best for everyone. LOOK how happy your teeth are!

Brush twice a day and don't forget about our spin brush and mouthwash.

Our spin brush and mouthwash are sold separately. It's the absolute best, and it's available in different varieties of flavors including: mint, bubble gum, and any fruit you like. Our spin brush is available in different colors including: pink, purple, black, blue, green, gray, yellow, & multicolor.


Guaranteed to make you strong and tall and make your breath fresh!

Any questions?

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Works on all phones and other electronics