Created by: Johnathan Miller and Tanner Sumer

Playing Pro Basketball by Marty Gitlin


Basketball is growing as a sport everyday. In this flyer you will learn about the History of Basketball, how it has grown, staying fit, what its like to get an injury, and all the positions. Basketball started in the late 1800's.

Basketball Conclusion

Now you know a little bit more about basketball. You can use this information in your daily life. Hope you enjoyed! ;)


Athleticism- The use of physical skills or capabilities.

Concussion- A brain injury that occurs when something jolts a person's head.

Draft- A system by which teams in a league select incoming talent.

Nutritionist- An expert in nutrition.

Offseason- The time of year when a league is inactive.


Curry, Stephen, 5

Nowitzki, Dirk, 5

Kidd, Jason, 5

Paul, Chris, 5

Rondo, Rajon, 5