Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Good to see you again!

We've made it to the home stretch! We are almost through all the different testing windows and now the busy season is coming. As we become more and more busy it is easy to let positive behavior slide. Stay vigilant and keep handing out those PATH tickets! We can do it!!

Monthly Focus


It has been awesome to see all the staff PATH tickets on the bulletin board in the lounge! If you have not had a chance to look, take a couple minutes to read how your colleagues are shown PATH behavior. If you find your name, feel free to take it off the board if you would like to keep it for a picker upper during those busy May days.


Let's continue our challenge! It is GREAT to see green tickets in our staff bucket, but WE NEED MORE! Just like with the students, we need more positive reinforcement than negative. As adults, we sometimes assume that others know when and what they are doing well. That is not always the case. Let's TELL each other when and what we are doing well!

Whole School PATH Reward

We are getting closer to filling our exclamation point thermometer! When we do the PBIS team has a special surprise in store for Pleasantview. I know people are on the edge of their seats so here is a clue:

April Data Summmary

If there is anything you would like to see in the newsletter contact a member of the PBIS team to let us know!

Team: Aby Froiland, Abby Lyon, Debbie Blum, Jill Bachand, Joey Waters, Becky Ayer, Bob Hanks, and Sara Richards