5th Grade's January Newsletter

Mark your Calendars!

January 3- Return from Winter Break

January 17-No School MLK Jr. Day

January 25- ½ Day for Students/End of Quarter 2

January 26-No School

Language Arts: (Mrs. Stiles, Miss Slaughenhoupt and Mr. G)

Students have spent several weeks learning about natural disasters and the impact they have. In addition, we have had great conversations about how the narrator’s point of view influences how the events in the story are told.

Our next unit will focus on Athlete Leaders by reading Promises to Keep by Sharon Robinson. Throughout this unit, students will summarize the informational text, practice finding the main idea, and discuss what students have learned after reading.

In writing, students will edit and revise their chapter about animal communication and how it helps animals survive. Students will strengthen their writing while checking for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors. In addition, students will use transitional words and phrases to organize their chapters.

Math: (Mr. S, Mrs. Glover and Mr. G)

The following concepts will be covered throughout the month of January:

  • iReady MOY Diagnostic Testing begins on Monday January 10th

  • Performing Operations with Decimals

  • Using Equivalency to Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Science: (Mr. S, Mrs. Glover and Mr. G)

5th grade Next Generation Science Standards are explored through a variety of STEMscopes units. Upcoming units include:

  • Earth Systems Interactions

  • Water Sources

  • Reducing Human Footprint

Social Studies: (Mr. S, Mrs. Glover and Mr. G)

Social Studies instruction will begin during the third quarter of the school year.